Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FO: Jaywalkers

I love these. So much. My AP test is tomorrow, and I'm planning to wear them (it might be too hot, so I might just carry them!).


Pattern: Jaywalkers by Grumperina
Yarn: Knitterly Vesper Sock, merino and nylon. It's not the softest yarn, but I love the stripes...
Needles: Size 2.25mms dpns, then a 32" circ.
Mods: I didn't really know where to start the heel so, I just sorta made it up. And also, I decreased to 20 sts at the toe instead of decreasing to 28sts (remember the pointy toes? they still exist).


See that heel? See how they actually fit me without tugging and pulling? Isn't great? (before this, I made them about 9.5", this time, about 10". So much better)

(PS, take a look here at this contest!)


fiberfiend6891 said...

Maybe they'll be lucky test socks!
I have lucky test pants...they worked their magic on my SAT and ACT..and hopefully on my Comp Sci AP...

Elizabeth said...

AP English? Me too. Lovely socks! I think the colors are really cool.

guiltypleasures said...

Your Jaywalkers look wonderful! Don't you just love it when a pair of socks fits perfectly?

I hope your AP test went well.

ajknitz said...

Your socks look awesome. And thanks for the comment btw. I have an AP test next Thursday... Good luck on yours.