Friday, July 11, 2008

A Couple Things - Mostly Not Good.

Things I hate:
1. When I try to be good and green (despite the fact that I just don't have a car), and ride my bike to the bank, Some One tries to take a right on red, while I'm riding right across at the same time. I say, "Excuse me!" loudly, not extremely rudely - but people! I'm worried she's going to hit me.

Then this Some One comes down the street a little more, and rolls down her window, and says "f%^k you!" loudly and rudely! With children in the car, no less! If you are Some One, I believe you should be ashamed, both for the way you acted in front of your children, and how you acted to me! *RANT OVER*

2. (Yet I continue the "hate" list) That many, many people that take gorgeous pictures have a Cannon Rebel. I want a Rebel! So many people have one, and no matter what I do, I can't stop thinking about it. A friend of mine has a Hybrid SLR (probably more what I need... and by need I mean desperately want), a Cannon Powershot S5 IS. Want. that. Zoom. I played around with it and I think I took about a million pictures, and about 50% of them where amazing - with my current one, the survival rate is about 35%. Want! No far that everyone has a nice camera that doesn't take an hour to focus. Grrr.

3. I hate that I have a job - but I barely make $90 a week. I talked to my boss about becoming a waitress - he agreed, then cut my hours for Sunday. Sigh.

4. That it's the middle of summer, and I all I want to knit is Mittens.


Pattern: Tweedy Mittens
Needles: DPNS Size 7, 4.5 mm.
Yarn: Mmmmmmalabrigo
Mods: None, but be ware - this pattern says Adult size - it's a liar. there's NO way this pattern would fit anyone but a small child!


The plan is that these are for my cousin for Christmas. The Plan.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say it, but I really think that people are ruder in America. :s I can't imagine anyone ever doing anything but apologizing for *almost running down a cyclist* on the road. We've had a lot of accidents here lately, though, with cyclists being hit as they're going straight ahead when a car wants to turn right.

People are rude everywhere, though. Very few drivers have respect for pedestrians - even when the signs on the road clearly mark where pedestrians have the right to cross FIRST, before the car. Some will just drive right on over anyway, even if someone's about to cross the road. Sometimes I want to pick up a rock and hurl it after them, but a) I'd probably hit a cyclist instead, and b) they might make me pay for damages because I can't run fast enough.

People suck. But those mittens are amazing!

(I want a camera too. A nifty one, like Laura Chau's. Le sigh.)