Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where I've Been


My dorm! Move in day was interesting, I had to wait in line for like an hour to get my door key (my school ID card) activated. My dad and mom brought everything up to my room, and my roomate didn't show up til 5:30 (move in was at 3).

But I knew her already so it was all good.

Her side:


My side:



Elizabeth said...

Your rooms are huge! My dorm is on the small side. And they're really hot! It's been in the high eighties for the past week, when it's been in the sixties here all summer. As soon as I get my camera back, I'll be posting pictures of my dorm and campus too.

When do your classes start?

Anonymous said...

Nice! I don't know if I could share a room, but yours looks so big! I have a mini-apartment type dorm--two separate bedrooms, a joint kitchen and shared bathroom. Mine is so much more cluttered than my roommates :P

Jolynn said...

I love that bright bed set!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm taking a trip down memory lane or something, although your dorm room is WAY bigger than mine. I always find it interesting the different styles in shared rooms. Have fun!