Monday, December 8, 2008

Fiber, Finals...

(There was some snow this weekend :)
I really wish someone would tell people that that teach time management that it really isn't something that you teach.

I.e., I'm working twenty hours this week, have two essays, a take home final, a self portrait and a powerpoint due, and right now? I'm not stressed. I even plan on finishing some christmas knitting.

I have one of the essays mostly done (I'll finish it tomorrow), the powerpoint almost done (I'll add another slide tomorrow), the second essay I have to decide on the topic (tonight maybe?), self portrait we'll work on in class, and then the final I won't get til Wednesday, and it's not due until Friday afternoon.

Not bad, huh?

Okay, well this weekend my mom, nana and I went to Osgoods in Springfield and then, decided to go to Webs. We went to Osgoods because I needed swatches for my FIT portfolio sketches.

I got some fibers at webs, this stuff, and then some silk I'm going to dye for my aunt!

This is merino silk, and I didn't have any plans for it, but then today I lost my hat. I tried to spin it, and my wheel is having issues - I definitely need a screw driver. So I maybe hatless. :(

And I got some of their "Huntington" sock yarn for socks for Mike.

As for actually knitting, I've been knitting my mom's scarf, but seemingly getting nowhere.

And I'll leave you with what I came home to on Sunday - this is my roommate's side, though! (I guess our door was unlatched?)


Krafty Keri said...

Haha, your poor roommate. Everyone at works still pulls pranks like that whenever anyone goes on vacation.
That merino silk looks yummy; good luck fixing your spinning wheel!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that merino stuff is gorgeous! And another pair of socks for Mike? You're a really nice girlfriend =).

Woah, SaranWrapped? Crazy.