Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jobs and Not Knitting

Today, I went to Lake Compounce's job fair and got a job - my fourth job. This was probably the most streamlined of all the jobs I've gotten. The first, which I got shortly after making this blog, was just a job I applied to and then friendly's called me in. The second I walked in, asked for a job, and the owner (Buono Ristorante) told me to come in the next night to work! The third, my adviser told me to ask about a job at the Hartt School's costume, which I did, and I brought some dresses I had made, and I was hired! So I guess I've had luck with jobs, but this summer, I need lots of money, and I think I'm going to keep working at the costume shop and work at LC too - 7 days a week, 52 hours a week. I have the LC job, but the shop one, my boss has to ask her boss for the money to do it.

On the knitting front, I've been stalled. I've had a weird stiffness in my left ring feels like arthitis. :( But I took advil, and it seems to be better!


Toile-dAraignee said...

Being a student does make you just a teeny weeny bit cash strapped, doesn't it? I babysit my neighbours for 5$ an hour, and I'm trying to get around 200$ for a post box! *sighs*

I hope your finger gets better, and many yays to the new job.

Cimorine said...

For the finger, make sure it's warm. a cold finger makes motions painful and bones brittle. that's what you don't want. Fluidity in knitting is important.

Congrats on the jobs! I don't think I could handle 4 . . . heck I don't think I can handle 2! good job!