Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Circular Needle Case = More Fun Than ShoeBags.

I did some stuff today - I went back to the costume shop for the first time in two weeks to work! I sewed a shoebag - heavy material and very tall and quadruple thickness at some points. Sewing this was much easier...

I had been keeping all my circular needles in a tin can thing, but I decided I needed something better.

I had some trouble, because the lines are very noticeable on the outside, and you can really tell if they're not straight, so I had to re-do them a couple times.

As for knitting, I've been making some progress with my dad's socks, I'm past the heel and well into the leg.

And I've been spinning some BFL, I plan on doing a 3 ply navajo ply so it stripes nicely!

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floderten said...

Nice spinning! I'm interested to see what it looks like when it's plied. :) Handspun really just has its own kind of attitude - a very cool one.