Monday, May 18, 2009

No Progress

I bought myself a reward for this weekend. I spent 5.5 hours at lifeguard class on friday (4.5 hours on thursday), 10 hours on saturday, and 8.5 yesterday. Ack. I wasn't feeling so good about it saturday night, but yesterday was my physical test and I think I passed. Today is the written portion of the test, and CPR. We'll see.

I bought some Malabrigo as a reward.

I wanted to buy some sock yarn, but couldn't find anything that called to me.

As for actual knitting - I did the heel on my dads sock, after screwing up about five times, and then I had dad try it on, only to find out that it's about 2" too long. So, I ripped out like 6 inches, and I'm starting again on the heel.

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