Thursday, June 4, 2009

FO: Handspun Porom #2

Ah. Ok, well I worked at Lake Compounce today and yesterday, and I was supposed to work there tomorrow, but they called and told me the waterpark isn't opening tomorrow!

Anyways, Porom is finished and I have on-my-head pictures.

Well, one.

It's a little smaller than Relm, but I did make the pattern smaller because if I followed the right stitch count, it was HUGE. (Gauge? What gauge?)

Pattern: Porom by Jared Flood
Yarn: Merino/Silk from WEBs, 4 ounces;198 yds (though I didn't use all of it)
Needles: Size 6 and 8 circ
Mods: I cast on 21ish less sts, after frogging attempt#1.

That purple sock from the cookie a book? would not go over my heel after getting to about 3" into the cuff, so I started over with the recommended needle size....

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