Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ads and Knitting

I made a couple more project bags and listed them at the shop and I've been thinking about advertising.

Now, right now I have just a couple bag pictures and all you can see is the fabric, etc. Apparently, my mom (aka my graphic designer) had the same thought a couple days ago - pen and ink drawings of the bags would get across what I make in a simplistic manner and then the fabric wouldn't confuse the viewer. So I started drawing. I have a couple more ideas I need to figure out before I get there though.
I think this one has too many lines:

And I was told by a friend (a graphic design major) that these lines aren't curved enough:

I want to do one crosshatched and one much larger with curved lines and see what my mom thinks.

I've been knitting my shawl, (haruni shawl, a good simpleish pattern) and I've gotten pretty far - even though I had to basically rip a whole movie's worth of work because I didn't read the directions. I'm on the last like 16 rows, but I have like 800+ sts on the needles!

And, here's a picture of the project bag to entice you.

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