Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bags and Bag Sketches

So a couple major things are happening. I'm officially going to do an ad on ravelry, I sent the scans to my graphic designer (aka mommy!) and I asked if she could have it done by Friday, and hopefully there'll still be spots for the notebook ads open. So, here are the final sketches for the pen and ink drawing of my drawstring bags.

I think the one above would look good in the small notebook ad, I just want to make sure it gets across what I'm selling.

I like this one also:

But I don't know if it'll look good smaller.

And my logo with the penguin:

I love my penguins!

I have not finished anything knittingwise, but yesterday I spent most of the day finishing a custom order and sewing a new bag design for the shop.

Box bags! I only have one in the shop, but I need to buy some zippers to make more, it was SO fun to make. It bothers me that the lining seams are on the inside, but I zigzaged them to prevent fraying.

It was so hard not to keep it, but I listed it here on etsy!

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ColorSlut said...

I love the sketches! I can't wait to see the ads.