Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy, No Knitting But Chocolate!

Hi there! I'm getting to be one of THOSE bloggers. The ones you see only once in a while. I'm sorry about that, and I'll try to make it change.

First, yesterday I guess it was, I was very busy. I met a friend at starbucks, then moved on to shoe shopping (I did get ONE pair, that was on sale), then this little bakery in plainville.

I got:

And my friend got:

Mine was filled with a light chocolate mousse and had like coconut sugar, and her's was a dulce de luche filled cannoli. This was a little after noon I believe and I could not finish it... but it was very good and their breakfast menu looks good, so I'll probably be going back.

My nana came back from a graduation round trip (three of her grandchildren were graduating from something or other), and brought this back with her, from my aunt. I guess it was a project that didn't work out.

I'm so excited. I can't decide if I should make a sweater or a shawl or both. I would want to make a short sleeved cardigan or maybe a tank top, with lace for summer. We'll see. I love the color too.

Last but not least, I got a really cool vinyl sticker for my laptop the other day in the mail!

I got it from Azure Rocket, and even though the mail people held it hostage, I eventually got it and LOVE it. I can't wait to bring my knitting is love proclaiming laptop to class. It's going to be awesome. Knitting will come tomorrow, I still don't have much progress to show, I'm kind of sick. I had to do an overnight for work from 9pm to 4am (which ended up being 6am and was another thing I did yesterday), and I was getting sick....and now I am. Oh well, we got to watch movies at work and get paid for trying to sleep. But now I'm more tired than I have been in a long time. I'll sleep well tonight!


AndiPants said...

Those desserts look delicious!

I think the green yarn wants to be a lacey spring/summer cardigan. That's what I would do with it.

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you've had a great few days. I think that pure silk could be something like this:
That decal is awesome and those desserts look so delicious.

Julie said...

I'm overloading from the awesomeness sin this post!! the chocolate desserts are to die for, that yarn looks incredible, and I LOVE your laptop graphic!!