Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Currently In Progress

So, now that I've been sewing so much for my shop, I haven't had a lot of time to knit. Kind of ironic, but I've been plugging away on a couple of projects. I've been knitting a sweatervest for myself, and last night I finished the back and one front. My ball of yarn is now only the size of my hand - I'm hoping it'll last through the second front and MAYBE through the bands - I have leftover yarn from audrey if not though!

I'm still working on that market bag; I've been working on it when my cousin (Max) is calm enough to play in one place. Which isn't very often!

I've been knitting some gloves for Mike too, I always worry about his cold hands, and I had made the cuffs as the pattern (Rav link to Knotty Gloves said, but they were much too long! I tried them on him yesterday and they were a little bit tight but it should be fine, I'll just have to watch about his fingers.

Oh and remember how I used to spin? I haven't done that in about 6 months, at least as much as I can remember. I'm still only on the second bobbin of sock yarn for mike, and I'm not really sure were the first bobbin went. I miss spinning, but I stopped because I don't really have anywhere to sit while spinning. I think I might try a kitchen chair but I find most chairs really hurt my back when I'm spinning. I must find a solution for this, so I can spin up mike's sock yarn and some of my fiber stash to make room for Rhinebeck!

And last but not least new box bags, this time made with fusible fleece!

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ColorSlut said...

I do love the new fabric and the box bags. Box bags are some of my favorite for knitting projects!