Monday, August 23, 2010

Sewing and Knitting for Me...and Other People

Weeks keep flying by and I mean to blog but well, the days just disappear.

I have to confess something. I have not sewn for the shop in about three weeks. I have the fabric for it, but occasionally, knitting or sewing gets to the point where it's not fun, it's work. So, I'm going back to fun for a while, but I have tons of stock in the shop that I'd like to move out anyways. I'm planning on making more bags later, but right now I'm sewing what I want to sew.

Like this:

This is the middle of my cousin's quilt. I'm going to put a border of more "choochoos" and some polka dots squares, the same size as the inside squares. Then a yellow border and then a blue border. So it'll be another 17" around the squares you see here.

And, I finished his sweater. Here, I'm still sewing on the hem tape on the back side of the zipper, but it's pretty much finished. He still won't put it on. I'm hoping I can convince him before I stop babysitting this week!

He just turned two but he definitely will be able to wear this until at least 5 or 6, the sleeves are so long!

And what have I been doing besides not knitting? I went over my friend Shaina's Saturday night for a craft night! I taught Shaina how to knit, Mike did his Magic stuff, and Tom did some origami!

We had a dinner of yummy gnocchi, fruit salad and steak!

Very yummy!

I start school next week, I'm pretty excited. I'll try to blog more often than once a week!


Julie said...

the quilt is great, and I love that dino sweater!!

ColorSlut said...

I've been quilting a bit lately as well. Must be in the air or season! Dinner looks delicious!