Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rhinebeck Purchases

Oh so you want to know what I bought at Rhinebeck!

I honestly totally forgot about that part. First, I got some Fiber Optic's Kashmir. I just LOVE the color. I've been stopping myself from buying bugga and similar cashmere blends for socks because of the price and I told myself, that at Rhinebeck, I could just go for it!

And I of course bought tons from Sliver Moon Farms and Periwinkle Sheep (both in the same booth and I'm in love with both colors).

That is 75% regular wool and 25% superwash, so some strands are dyed darker than others, and it looks really good. I do love the gray, but unfortunately wanted several other colors that didn't have enough, I only found one skein when I needed two. But I love the gray!

And I bought some sock yarn in Mike's grandma's favorite color to make her a hat!

I do have some knit stuff to show but nothing finished yet (I made a hat for my mom's friend but I need to reknit it!).

I will leave with a picture of my friend heather that swore she would never spin.


Anonymous said...

I officially love everything you bought. Can't wait to see what you knit up.

Kenoshia said...

Very nice purchases! I'm looking forward to the knit stuff :)