Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two FOs and a List of Knit Things for Christmas!

After about three (?) weeks of attempting to get together with the recipient of the Brandywine Shawl to give it to her and photograph it...I work on the weekends, she doesn't, I have class during the week and she has work.
So I modeled it!

Pattern: Brandywine Shawl (LOVE IT)
Yarn: Steam Valley Yarn Sock yarn from Rhinebeck 2009!
Needles: Size 6 circulars

I also finished some christmas socks for my uncle.

Pattern: Garter Rib toe up over 60 sts
Yarn: Patons Kroy Sock Yarn
Needles: 2.5mm circs

This is the second pair of Christmas Socks, I'm making an another pair currently for my other cousin (the mystery sock), and I have at least one other pair of socks to knit.
I'm going to make a list, because it'll make me feel better!
1. Nana's chritmas socks (have yarn)
2. Finish ben's scarf
3. Shawl for mike's mom (need yarn)
4. Shawl for mike's sister (have yarn)
5. Hat for mike's grandmom (have yarn)
6. In theory, finish mom's sweater.
7. Finish kim's infinity scarf and make her mittens.

And do a project for school, wash card and spin fleece and then knit it into color work mittens.

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Julie said...

gorgeous, gorgeous shawl!! And very cute socks.