Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blocking Central

Yesterday, I finished Dawn's Annis Shawl after many, many problems. It only took me 11 days, even with all that frogging!

I blocked it last night, and since I had been avoiding blocking Kim's Infinity scarf, I did that too. My mom's sewing area has a nice big fold out table that was perfect!

This shawl blocked out into a nice crescent shape really easily. My dad just got back from China, and wants me to make a scarf for his interpretor, and I think I'll use this pattern, it is so pretty! You can see Kim's scarf in the background there, that took just a little bit of soaking and then I used a garbage bag to protect the table and just pushed it into shape with my hands. For the shawl, I used a cardboard fabric cutting board my mom has and pinned it into shape.

Pattern: Annis from Knitty
Yarn: Malabrigo Laceweight Velvet Grapes
Needles: Size 8 Knitpicks Interchangeables 32" Circ
Mods: I added two extra repeats, cast on 387 sts (I think) and adjusted the short rows because of that.

I really enjoyed knitting it, once I knew what I was doing was right!

I also started some Fuzzy Feet Slippers for Ben (my brother) last night, I got really far!

I'm making these out his scarf yarn - I decided it's really not scarf yarn at all. It's way too itch, but probably perfect to felt!


Andrea... said...

The scarf is gorgeous and worth the trouble you had with it :)

Julie said...

wow, that shawl is stunning!! And the colour is amazing.