Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sweater Vest: finished!

Well, here it is, in all its cut and sewn glory.

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It looks a little lumpy, but its not any worse then a store bought seamed sweater. (Besides, I'm not wearing it).

About that sewing. It was terrifying. Like I might have nightmares. Honestly, I didn't know what everyone was fussing about. What does it matter if you cut your knitting? And then, I picked up the scissors, and the serial killer music started playing. It was sooooo scary and as I picked up the scissors, I swear I heard the yarn scream "NO, Please, take them!!!". I felt so bad as I sewed down their little unconnected ends, and snipped the ones that were misbehaving.

I don't know if you can see, but here are all the little ends screaming:

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And now I am free to do whatever I want knittingwise, because there are no more deadlines of any sort. So I can start this:

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Well, the sweater that that swatch is for. If I can figure out exactly what to do. I used a raglan formula that seems like it will work.

But, I want to finish those endpapers first (My hands are cold!!!), and also get rid of my extra wool in a felted accersories bag pattern from weekend knitting. I have three knitting books and about six knitting magazines and I've made one project out of all combined. Just one pair of armwarmers.

I blame my generation. I like being able to search: sweater, cardi and come up with what I want. I don't like turning pages to see maybe, if the book has the pattern. Wow, I'm lazy.


Ilix said...

Steeking is SCARY I don't want to do I will put it off as long as I can!
Did you start that stole for prom?

simplyducky said...

I've been knitting for seven years and I still haven't steeked anything. It just sounds too scary. I applaud your bravery.